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Fischer vs. Kasparov

  • 3 years ago · #1301


    ilikeflags wrote:
    nameno1had wrote:

    I'd be flatter flags but I'm not a homosexual. I know a few guys here who are too poor to pay attention to sound reasoning. The Hippo and I aren't who I was referring to...

    there's no reason for you to feel flattered.  you're the one who made the innuendos.  but ok.

    I was actually thinking of two different famous sayings related to offereing someone a coke...The first which I am utterly dissapointed I can't find anywhere, probably due to copyright laws, has a young man get schooled by an old man carrying his groceries in a little BBall. THe old man tells the kids at the end...have a coke your mouth looks dry

    ...Another one is the Eddy Murphy stand up lines where he is referring to Bill Cosby's clean "have a coke and smile " routine and Eddy was saying..."have a coke smile and shut the f_@K up"....

    I thought you'd get the point, but it went way over your head as usual...

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    PLAVIN79 wrote:


    C'mon Plavin ! Been ages now. Lower-case man !! Smile

    ( of course he was defeated :)

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