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for all the girls on chess.com.....

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    madhacker wrote:

    Hmm... I think you are being generous to him, when he says things like "please respect the fact that you will always be targeted as a female". I'd modify your statement to "At best, Kasparov_Jr is an inarticulate, attention-mongering, chat-box".

    If you take that statement out of the context of the rest of his rambling, sure.

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    I have to agree with the OP to some extent.

    I mean if a young handsome chess player started to chat the girl up she would be fine with it, but when some wierd 40+ year old starts to chat her up she get all annoyed and complains.

    My message to the girls here is that if you are going to post pictures of yourself on here, don't expect handsome young teenagers like me to be the only ones that compliment you for them, expect to recieve compliments from anyone

    That's all

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                         The OP is back. What a coincidence. He left just before S.S. came here, and he re-appears just after she left.

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    ...well spotted....worth a thought...

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                       He posted in her, "tough to be a girl thread"  post 1233

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    Kasprov jr gets it. Welcome to reality.

    I also love how the girls pretend they hate it as if that wasn't their intention.

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    Elubas wrote:
    madhacker wrote:

    By his reasoning, if I get a gun, go to the zoo, and shoot all the animals, that isn't my fault and doesn't count as animal cruelty, because humans have been conditioned by evolution to kill animals for food.

    Indeed, it depends on how determinist you want to get about this :) "Don't punish me, I can't control who I am!"

    And actually I'm not sure if it's easy to resolve this issue -- how far can you go to rid yourself of responsibility. After all, if you're mentally insane for instance you are treated more leniently. My intuition tells me that somehow, at some extreme, the argument has to break down (yet it's not easy to see the "how").

    I have a thought on this idea.

    I don't care how insane you are, or how unwitingly you do it. If someone was to go on a killing spree for example, I do not care if they are aware of what they are doing, they should be capped.

    If you are a theif, I don't care if you can control it or not, you should be punished.

    If someone fights you, you don't say "well thats your instinct so its okay"

    Can't stand the mamby pamby well little johnny has this so its okay no matter what he does.

    Actions speak for themselves, and controlable or not, all actions have consequences

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    ahahahahahahahah so stupid

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    Kasporov_Jr wrote:
    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    What about ladies like Ashley Tapp? Will she be the "next" Magnus Carlsen...









    holy crap fine as hell, need to match her asap


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