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game over kasparov and the machine

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #41


    btickler wrote:
    iLoveCarlsen wrote:

    Carlsen would've beaten 1997 deep blue, for sure.  Even if Carlsen lost one game, he would only go harder and destroy it.

    A meaningless claim, much like the various "Capablanca would have beaten Fischer" claims, etc.

    I agree. It's something we'll never know. Carlsen doesn't seem eager to play any computer; maybe he's more realistic than Kasparov.

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    chessph wrote:

    Never saw it, not interested. He lost against a machine, so what?

    It's interesting because of Kasparov's reaction: he couldn't stand to admit that Deep Blue won -- without any proof, he accused the people behind it of cheating.

    Do corporations sometimes do unethical things? Of course. Does that automatically mean that this happened in the match? Let's see some proof.

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