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     I am from USA living in Asia.  I've never competed before.  How can I apply for a FIDE ID to compete? Thanks.

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    You need to play in FIDE-rated events.

    Try to find a chess club or phone your national chess federation to know where these events take place.

    When you play enough games (~9), you'll get a FIDE rating and ID.

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    I am not located in the US.  I've phone a local chess club, and they said to contact the US chess federation about getting one.  I told told by others here that it would be free, but the US chess federation appears to be a paid thing.

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    If you're living in another country, get in touch with the federation or club of your local place of residence.

    FIDE is international : you don't need to play in US tournaments to get a FIDE rating.

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    How to join FIDE?

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    Warriorgobi wrote:

    How to join FIDE?

    Get in touch with http://www.aicf.in/ and look for FIDE-rated events in your country. When you compete in a couple of them, you'll get a FIDE rating.

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    After how much time will i get my FIDE id if i had paid already

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