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     I am from USA living in Asia.  I've never competed before.  How can I apply for a FIDE ID to compete? Thanks.

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    You need to play in FIDE-rated events.

    Try to find a chess club or phone your national chess federation to know where these events take place.

    When you play enough games (~9), you'll get a FIDE rating and ID.

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    I am not located in the US.  I've phone a local chess club, and they said to contact the US chess federation about getting one.  I told told by others here that it would be free, but the US chess federation appears to be a paid thing.

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    If you're living in another country, get in touch with the federation or club of your local place of residence.

    FIDE is international : you don't need to play in US tournaments to get a FIDE rating.

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    How to join FIDE?

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    Warriorgobi wrote:

    How to join FIDE?

    Get in touch with http://www.aicf.in/ and look for FIDE-rated events in your country. When you compete in a couple of them, you'll get a FIDE rating.

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    Warriorgobi wrote:

    How to join FIDE?

    I saw you live in tamilnadu ,so chess tourney played there very often so to play you have to participate in tourney approved by FIDE and as you can find all the info in www.aicf.in 

    The minimum time control should be minimum 60 minutes per side and there may or may not be increment and you have to register for AICF that you can do during tourney also so you can get FIDE id after the tourney

    To get rating you must play minimum 9 games with rated players and minimum 1 point in 9 games that is 1/9. and your rating will be avg. rating of your opponent.

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