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Grandfather dilemma

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    there is a darker way to do this re the polgars /gata kamsky but im sure your daughter wouldnt be happy

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    My son learned to play when he was four. There were lots of chess diagrams on the scrap paper he used for scribbling his pictures. He learned from the diagrams how to set up the chessboard, and then asked me to teach him the game.

    What was I to do when my four year old son had set up the pieces correctly? I was certain that I had a prodigy on my hands. Now that he is an adult, I know that it was my attention, rather than the game of chess, that he craved.

    Your grandson will do anything you want to have your attention. If you want him to play chess as an adult, wait until he shows a genuine interest in the game.

    I've learned a lot about teaching kids since my son was young. I now recommend starting with simple games like Pawn Wars. http://chessskill.blogspot.com/2009/10/pawn-wars.html

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