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How are people rated like 500-600?

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    Ronnee wrote:

    Well if you are interrupted during play incessantly you DROP in score.

    If you start a game and need to rush to another task ...game abandonment you drop in score. However I really think that some players CANNOT ...are not euipped brain wise to handle chess moves. You must remember this is chess requires an enhanced RIGHT BRAIN hemisphere. If you have an enlarged RIGHT BRAIN you will be a good player. Some ambidextrous players who have EQUALLY enhanced RIGHT and LEFT brain hemispheres play better. Homosexuals actually have a wider corpus collosum connecting the 2 brains and you find these people are quite clever. JUST LIKE there are MATHS dummies and LANGUAGE dummies ...the same applies to chess.   Greta Chess players are not better than PRIME MINISTERS or top athletes ...they only play chess with ease 

    I just had to post to point out that this is factually incorrect and one of the most common misconceptions about the human brain. Sources provided if requested via PM.

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