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How are people rated like 500-600?

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    I think he was using "Rat" from Lucas Chess, and about to break 800 at any moment.

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    In reply to "iamsecond" 

    I like how you conviently place yourself on your chess ladder and make the circumstances meet your own ego. 

    The better question is how would a 2650+ rated player look at your ratings scheme 1700+ (near expert) while basically claiming the stupidity of lower rated players below you. 

    Albeit your ignorance clearly there is no clear way of judgement because of course a 2500 has the same curve differential as a 1700 over a 900. So you may not be blundering pieces but you're blundering your position, but is that fair of someone to say of you, just because you didn't make the right move? Houdini (3200) could essentially technically make a claim, but it's hard to define right and wrong until you find a clear mate. 

    Tennis to me is the closest thing to chess.. it takes natural talent and experience.. and how you play depends on factors that take the game from feet to inches, added spin, increased speed on the ball, and constant precise changes to your game that REQUIRES tremendous experience and dedication beyond talent. The first time you play tennis you won't under any circumstance play like a pro player, just like when you first play chess. You need to develop the skills and understanding of the game to perform

    I truly think the people who make these kinds of threads are insecure and feel threatened so they need to eliminate competition of people who at any level of "intelligence" would start off chess below 1000 rating. It goes to show how the OP managed to get banned that this kind of personality would make such a stupid thread. 

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    PearlFey wrote:
    mastermind7864 wrote:

    I've been playing chess for over 40 years.......and I still suck. My brother is rated around 2000 though.

    I have a more mechanical mind, and his is more analytical......we are just geared differently.

    You don't sound very good at mechanical work, then.

    Why whould you say that?

    You'd be very surprised to know just how wrong you were.

    Chess players as a rule seem to be rude as hell.

    I'll not be posting here anymore.....

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    No need to jump to conclusions.

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    I jumped to a conclusion once, but it was wet and slippery, and I fell down.

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    owltuna wrote:

    I jumped to a conclusion once, but it was wet and slippery, and I fell down.


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    He got badly conclussed.

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    Is he okay now?

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    I have a few friends that are that low, they admit to moving pieces randomly.

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