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How are people rated like 500-600?

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    owltuna wrote:

    I jumped to a conclusion once, but it was wet and slippery, and I fell down.


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    He got badly conclussed.

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    Is he okay now?

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    I have a few friends that are that low, they admit to moving pieces randomly.

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    I'm a returning player who hasn't played in 40 years. My unofficial rating based upon puzzles and

    tactics trainers from various websites has hovered in the 500-600 range for the two weeks since my return. I had been very encouraged by this website until now.I am very hurt by the original posting in this thread. The attitude expressed in that posting may chase me away from the game again. I hope it's not emblematic of the chess world .

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    David: Don't be put off playing chess. This site is full of raving lunatics.

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    Yep, chess can be enjoyed at any level. Don't let the Looney-Tunes get ya down.

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    My CC rating is 1350.

    My blitz rating is 600.

    For CC I study the board and make the best move I can think of.

    For blitz I use a RMG (random move generator).

    I dream of the day I can get my blitz up to 700...

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    Thanks to the last few posters.you'very re-invigorated my enthusiasm.I'm not giving up.I'm going to continue to practice and learn....I'm even considering joining a club in NYC.

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    Wow!i'm totally blown away by the fact that you put so so much time and effort into your reply to me . For me to just say thank you seems inadequate. I'm sure that you would be glad to know that I watched the London System video on YouTube last week before I knew of your suggestion and I loved it-especially since I had never heard of it or encountered it in the beginner's books that I had read or skimmed when I was a kid. Icant wait to try it out! Thank you for what you have done for me and for others who will read your reply to me. My religious faith-Jewish on the outside,Christian on the inside lol-informs me that you

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    will be rewarded on the chessboard and off. Do

    you have any guidelines specifically related to pawn structure? I'm humble enough to admit that that's a huge weakness in my game right now?thanks again and I look forward to the day that I will be skillful enough to help someone in the way that you have given your help to me.

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    Thanks again I look fwd to applying your suggestions. I also have a suggestion for other near beginners/returnees.I bought Bruce pandolfini's book beginning chess and I love it! It's a great intro/refresher re:basic tactics and the 300 puzzles have improved my tactical vision tremendously as has the tactical trainer here at chess.com

    I highly recommend both !

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    Ronnee wrote:

    Well if you are interrupted during play incessantly you DROP in score.

    If you start a game and need to rush to another task ...game abandonment you drop in score. However I really think that some players CANNOT ...are not euipped brain wise to handle chess moves. You must remember this is chess requires an enhanced RIGHT BRAIN hemisphere. If you have an enlarged RIGHT BRAIN you will be a good player. Some ambidextrous players who have EQUALLY enhanced RIGHT and LEFT brain hemispheres play better. Homosexuals actually have a wider corpus collosum connecting the 2 brains and you find these people are quite clever. JUST LIKE there are MATHS dummies and LANGUAGE dummies ...the same applies to chess.   Greta Chess players are not better than PRIME MINISTERS or top athletes ...they only play chess with ease 

    I just had to post to point out that this is factually incorrect and one of the most common misconceptions about the human brain. Sources provided if requested via PM.

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