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how much should i charge to teach chess

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    Yeah I agree with that.

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    You could charge 2 million an hour if your student was blinded by the light.

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    manfredmann wrote:

    Parents will pay more for (in decreasing order)

    1.SAT Preparation

    2. Tutoring any subject that improves their grades.

    3. Music Lessons

    4. Golf Lessons

    5. Chess Lessons

    6. Art Lessons

    The whole art is making them believe that 5) is included in 2).

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    Irontiger wrote:

    The whole art is making them believe that 5) is included in 2).

    good one :D

    (for those who don't know - it isn't)

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    I want to teach chess later on in a few years once I have gained more knowledge and experience in chess myself. While I know skill doesn't directly translate into being a better teacher I suspect that people will give you more respect and credibility if you have a proven track record of some baseline success in chess and also have a larger pool of potential students besides beginners and new players. Maybe when I reach class A in USCF for example. Definitely want to teach someday!

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    dude do 15- 20 dollers a hour. 

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