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I am quitting chess.

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    chess is like life? you still live with your mommy.

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    electricpawn wrote:


    It's OK, ep, dear ... it's only a forum on a chess site... you're going to be all right ........ there's really nothing to worry about here ............ feeling better already?  Good, I knew you'd bounce back! Kiss

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    han solo dies in episode 7

    he gets killed by rylo kilo who is the sith you see in the trailer

    it turns out that rylo is han and leia's son too

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    That thought has crossed my mind many times, including now.

    During my entire life I played against friends who knew little more than the rules, or against computers (computers are notoriosly not aggressive). So the idea that chess is an aggressive game never crossed my mind. But it is, especially here at chess.com. People who are frustrated, angry, underachievers in life, throw all their frustration in a game of chess.

    So what should be a pleasant, relaxing experience can turn into a nightmare. The worst are the wolves in sheep's clothing. They are very slow, they don't care about minor pieces and pawns. So you underestimate them. But they are very adept at plotting mates. Of course once you know them better you don't fall in their traps again. Quite often they are low rated, with a lw percentage of won games.

    I find this problem less present in other clubs, especially where you can play anonymous, unrated. Here unrated is the domain of the worst sandbaggers.

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