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I am quitting chess.

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    No, not at all, I think the moral here is things come and go, and come and go and come and go. If you stop playing chess you most likely will play again at some point. If not, it was never something you enjoyed. And if that's the case, nothing lost.

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    Eskey?... ur very helpful... what happened?

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    ConnorMacleod_151 wrote:

    Eskey?... ur very helpful... what happened?

    Bloody cheeky! I've always been helpful, how very dare you. My demeanour depends on who I'm talking to.

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    MrDamonSmith wrote:
    citizenoftheworld91 wrote:
    MrDamonSmith wrote:

    Diet Double Dew only has half the caffiene & sugar as regular Double Dew which has twice as much as regular Dew. Hahahaha. Anyway, long story short..........................

    Hahaha, yup, that's some hardcore math right there, the kind that will make Carlsen quit chess and go ziplining with Anand instead.. I don't know where the Dew fits in this story though .

    Anyway, long story short...................

    Diet Double Dew was in the SouthPark ziplining episode. Cartman kept drinking it even though it was causing him to have diarriah & his excuse was that it was ok to keep drinking it because it only had half the stuff in it because it was diet but the Double Dew had twice the sugar & caffein that regular Dew had. I thought his math was funny. That was the joke: he was still drinking Mountain Dew but fooling himself.

    Well, being the one to refer you to that episode, I understand that joke very well, thank you very much Tongue Out. I also actually find it hilarious, that whole Cartman's Dew math, 'twas the highlight of the episode (long story short came in 2nd Laughing).

    What I meant was I that don't know where the actual Dew drinking could be incorporated in my fantasy story of Carlsen quitting chess (nod to the origin of this thread), and going ziplining with Anand (nod to the South Park episode that sparked this branched line).

    Anyway, long story short..........

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