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I am quitting chess.

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    ConnorMacleod_151 wrote:



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    I am 35. I have a chess.com standard rating of 1200-1300. i have never played chess professionally and have no idea if a lousy player like me can ever get a FIDE rating.

    your USCF rating at 17 is my dream! cheer up. i will continue to play chess as long as i live. i am not an artist, but i enjoy visiting galleries and museums. to appreciate the artwork, i read about them to know the basics. i have the same approach with chess.

    ah! priorities.

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    so sad

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    ThomasJEvans wrote:


    Then develop the knight and castle queenside.

    True. I didn´t notice the bishop.

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    It doesn't suprise me that you are American, 17 years old and complaining.

    Chess is good for your brain but not for the ecological environment.

    Go play black ops GHOST or join the ARMY and revolt against capitalism then we'll really see how good you are at CHESS and RISK.

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    SocialPanda wrote:

    his last game was 2 days ago, so he didn´t quit. 


    it looks like if he disconnected after losing a piece.

    Actually, I WON a piece and my internet died.

    And I still play blitz for laughs once in a while when I'm bored, but nothing serious, no long games/tournaments etc.

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    Mersaphe wrote:

    Chess is just a way for me to procrastinate and a bad habit

    Ditto on chess being "a way to procrastinate" -- at least it is for me.  As is posting in forums, of course.  But the "bad habit" part?  Maybe.  Depends on how often and how long the "procrastination" tecnique gets used.  

    I think taking a brief, enjoyable break from daily life respomsibilities can be a Good habit.  Personal example:  right now, as I'm finishing writing this comment, I'm feeling quite "cheery" about going back to scrubbing that grout in the shower!  In fact, I can hardly wait to start again, right after I check out a few more forums... ;-)

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    well. if u are silly, u can quit chess

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    kimi161 wrote:

    well. if u are silly, u can quit chess

    lol - thanks!  It's good to be reassured I can quit if I want to.. ;-D

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    Me too.  I know this because I've done it many, many times.

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    You hafta objectively decide two things:

    1. Do you love chess ? (an ez ?)

    2. Is it actually harming your well-being ? (u hafta be real honest on this one - I mean real honest)

    If so, you are addicted. If you can't stop, then seek (the nearest parlor for a blitz fix ?....just kidding) a horse psychologist (an unlicensed psychologist) or better.

    Point is....being addicted to chess is okay....if it doesn't hurt your relationships, emotional health, interfere w/ daily chores, etc.

    Now, if you can stop but still urge to play (which'll probably happen) ?...then try setting aside some allotted time every week. But quitting cold turkey w/out support isn't gonna help (it'll be like forgetting the mayonnaise). 

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    Hmm ... just noticed the time at which I posted my intention to go back to cleaning grout.  How can that possibly have been 67 minutes ago?!  Well, there's certainly no urgency about that chore.  Given the state of the world we live in, grout should be the least of our concerns.

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    I will procrastinate later. I'll probably have some time then.

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    Why not...?

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    I m really enjoying here...good players around is ultimate opportunity to learn.

    I don't want to quit at least for msg bug issue.

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