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I cant stand people who dont resign -.-

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    I cant stand people who dont resign -.-

    As long as my opponent isn't moving slow in a completely lost position just to waste my time, I have no problem with that person never resigning. I use it as an opportunity to see how fast I can finish the game. It's good practice for when I get in time pressure.
    It bugs me only when they resign too early. I have seen people resign when they had a good chance of forcing a draw. They should make me earn my victory instead of being cowardly quitters.
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    I resign when I think I could beat Anand if I had my opponent's position against him.

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    I would never ask someone to resign. Period.

    But, I have been asked to resign...better yet, told that I am about to be squished like a bug -- and then I won!

    But you see, I knew I still had a reasonable expectation of winning.

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