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I found a chess set in the attic

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    Hello everyone. Firstly I hope I put this in the right section! I joined this forum just to get a bit of advice really. I spent sometime clearing out my parents attic and I found a box with a chess set in it. None of my family knows where it came from or who's it is, it might have even been left by the previous house owners. They look old and each piece was wrapped in a newspaper from 1985!

    Basically the set looks like Chinese warriors (they all have different weapons). I'm not even sure what they are made of (they are quite heavy). Basically I'm just looking for some info or advice if anyone can help?Here are some pics:


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    Show a pic of the whole set.

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    Like CP said. Holding them up against a bright background makes it really hard to make out anything. Place them on the board and make sure the pieces themselves are well lit against a darker background.

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    Show a pic of the whole set.

    Sorry it's very late at night here so lighting isn't the best. Here's the best I can do.

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    Have you found out anything yet?

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