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i have now 2301 points on chess.com

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    incredible number of points i have now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kiss from italy  ,hi chiccogiancarlo


    Game in PGN format:
    [Event "Online Chess"]
    [Site "Chess.com"]
    [Date "2009.05.21"]
    [Round "1"]
    [White "chiccogiancarlo"]
    [Black "ratinho"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [WhiteElo "2301"]
    [BlackElo "1791"]
    [TimeControl "1 in 3 days"]
    [Termination "chiccogiancarlo won on time"]

    1.b3 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.g3 Bf5 4.d3 e6 5.Bg2 Be7 6.e3 O-O 7.Ne2 Nc6 8.Nd2 Re8 9.O-O Qd7 10.h3 Rad8
    11.a3 h6 12.Kh2 e5 13.b4 a6 14.Ng1 Bd6 15.Qe1 Bg6 16.e4 dxe4 17.Nxe4 Nxe4 18.Bxe4 Bxe4 19.Qxe4 f5 20.Qe1 f4
    21.Qe4 Rf8 22.Rae1 Qf7 23.Kg2 Rde8 24.Ra1 g5 25.Nf3 1-0


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    Congratulations. It's always good to get over each 100-marker. I felt good when I got to 1901. (Albeit for about 10 minutes! Wink)

    Shame it had to be a win on time, though.

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    Congradulations! Thank you for being a member on Chess Unlimited

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    thank you...........

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    dopo dici nn guardate l' elo??????  e poi hai vinto x tempo bravo

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    io gioco per divertirmi , tu no ? se un giocatore abbandona la partita non  è colpa mia...........

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    Well done.

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