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If Capablanca played Carlsen for the world champion match, who would win?

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    If somehow Capa could be resurrected to play Magnus the stench would be unbearable.   Carlsen would have to wear a respirator so who knows how he would do?

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    Let put it this way, Carlsen study Capablanca to be a strong player. In his first match against Anand, you can see a lot Capablanca style, especially in The Ruy Lopez pawn structure. So Carlsen benefit big time from Capablanca.

    Capa beats Lasker 6 to 2 with 16 draws

    Capa beats Alekhine 9 to 7 with 33 draws

    Capa tied Stahlberg 4 draws   ( Stahlberg beat Nimzovitch 4 to 2 with 3 draws) Stahlberg was not a weak grandmaster but he could beat a much older Capablanca, a testimony to Capa greatest)  

    Capa tied Fine 5 draws 

    Capa tied Reshevsky 1-1 with 4 draws 

    Keres beat Capa 1 -0  with 5 draws 

    Capa tied  Botvinnik 1-1 with 5 draws  



      Even the younger and stronger player could not get a plus score against much older Capa, except for Keres. What a testimony to Capablanca greatest, he must be one the greatest player ever.  

     If you have not look at his games when he was old and younger opponents still could not get a plus score against the great Capablanca, no world champion has been able to do this, not even Kasparov, he retire because he knew he could not compete against the younger players, especially Carlsen. Capablanca was different, he had tied score against world champion contender younger and stronger Botvinnik. Please show me a world champion or ex-world champion that did what Capablanca did, come on Capa had a tied score against Botvinnik a future world champion, could Kasparov do this against Carlsen, Karpov almost did this against Kasparov. Again, Capablanca had tied score or better against the younger generation grandmasters, only Keres had a one game advantage, two draws in Semmering/Baden 1937, one lose and draw in 1938 Avro, after this lost Keres will NEVER win another game against Capablanca, draw in Buenos Aire 1939 and draw Margate 1939; this score is against VERY VERY STRONG KERES and Keres could only manage to win one game but the rest were draws, Capablanca was extremely difficult to beat. Could you say the same about for any ex-world champion or world champion. When it comes to natural talent there is only one player in history and that is Capablanca, not Carlsen, he study Capablanca's games to become world champion, the same goes for Karpov, he study Capablanca's games to become world champion; tell me what players did Capablanca study to become world champion? Eh eh eh eh!! ( That Chinese saying , And what?) Reti said it best, " Chess was his mother tongue". So true.

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    A) Kasparov had a plus score against: Carlsen (1-0-1), Kramnik (22-21-79), Anand (16-4-31)

    B) Capa's win was in 1936 in Botvinnik's first international tournament. His loss was one of the most important and greatest games of all time. That game signified the passing of the torch in terms of strategic victories.

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    I am more concern with classical games and not blitz: here is the real score, Classical games Kramnik beat Kasparov 5-4 with 40 draws. Kasparov quits chess because he could not compete against the younger generation of grandmasters. Carlsen would of crush Kasparov and it would been a big plus score, better quit chess so Garry doesn't embarrass himself like his match against Kramnik, not one win; even Capablanca score some wins against Alekhine in their match. Kasparov quit serious chess in 2006 because he knew he could not beat the younger GMs, Capablanca was different even against younger GMs they better show some respect or you will lose and even best GMs COULD NOT GET A PLUS SCORE against Capa.

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    You should be more concerned with the quality of chess. Kasparov, even now, is still one of the 5-10 best players in the world. 

    Kasparov did indeed retire early, but he played far more games than Capa ever did. Kasparov has 2851 games in the chessbase database. Capablanca has 908, most of which were simuls, which you don't count.

    Count the number of games Capa played against others in the top 5 before attacking Kasparov's record.

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    SmyslovFan, I don't think you never view any of Capablanca later games from the years  1935-1939 and not only will you see him playing better opening but he held his own against the very best younger GMs. I will repeat this again, if Kasparov still played and was able to hold his own against Carlsen and the other younger GMs, I will concede but Kasparov quit chess because he knew he could not compete against  the younger generation (Need seconds and engine to help him win games). Kasparov never did this on his own, he had his seconds to help him prepare in the opening and study his oppenents weakness, Capablanca and Fischer did it on their own, relying on talent only to win their games. Carlsen has his seconds and trainers and his engine to help him win games, Capablanca rely only on his talent to win his games. For me Carlsen will NEVER be in the same par to Capablanca, how can I respect a bot user,needed trainers to aid and help him to help strength his chess skills ( how Carlsen be a better player than Capablanca, when he need all those tools and trainer to be a grandmaster and world champion ) and seconds to win the world championship against a much older oppenent, Anand; with all this help I doubt Carlsen will ever be world champion; Magnus should of been able to win five or six games in their first match to show who was really superior, not even one crush in their match. Fischer had to overcome two loses to beat Spassky in their match,and that is what I call a really world champion, not like Carlsen with his first two whimpy white opening 1.Nf3 in his match against Anand,that is chihuahua-quivering scare chess.    

     I speak on mere talent, not current chess knowledge; Capablanca on pure natural talent beats Carlsen. 

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