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If Fischer would played Karpov for the World Champion, who would win?

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    Indeed chyss, but the actual question at hand is:

    "If Fischer played Karpov for the WC in 1975, who would win?"

    Using your logic, Fischer being WC from 1972-1975, his records, many accolades, body of work; and thus compare it to an relatively young up-n-comer unknown Karpov's achievements-obviously, wouldn

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    Wouldn't your post be that Fischer would win? Of course, hypothetically speaking.

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    chyss wrote:

    Karpov's play was stronger than Fischer's.

    Karpov's record is far more impressive than Fischer's.

    ...Karpov's outcomes are infinitely more impressive than Fischer's...



    No they aren't.

    It would be a good idea to not state your opinion as fact, next time.

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    Dopple. I'm guessing you live in an bubble, if Great men never put their foot in their mouth and say things people don't agree with, or found offensive back then, now or even in the future.

    And let's face it my friend, nowadays...alot of folks make asses of themselves every other minute on social media. The difference between us and Great Men (like Fischer) is THEY get immortalized, satired or criticized without discretion.


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    C'mon guys and girls (weak players)(kick my ass though) lets keep this thread going forever at least this way Bobby remains alive oh yes he's dead but still alive in endless time in endless parts and endless hearts

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    Haven't read this thread but would like to pose another question, if Mikhail Tal in his top form had played Fischer, who would win ? IMHO the biggest tragedy of chess was the meagre number of games we have between Fischer/Tal.

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    If Mikhail at top form vs Fischer at his lowest form, I guess Mikhail wins.

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    But Mikhail in top form and Bobby in 1972 ; what if fischer-spassky was fischer-tal instead ?

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    I'll say both sides stand an equal chance of winning.

    Sadly, what-ifs are meaningless questions. ;)

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    Agreed but this entire thread is a what-if Cool

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    @mashanator - yes they were more impressive. Karpov won between 100 and 160 high class tournaments (depending on which sources you use). Fischer's total is nowhere close to that. It would be agood idea not to claim that facts are just people's opinions, next time.

    @najdorf96 - first of all the thread doesn't include a date in the title, so you're well off the mark already. But even if it did, Karpov's future results are obviously relevent to a judgement about the kind of player he was. It's very convenient to cut off your assessment at the point at which Fischer disappeared, because there's no more evidence for him whereas there is plenty of evidence to show Karpov's greatness. The key point of course is that stylistically, Fischer Karpov would have been a bit like Kasparov Kramnik - Fischer would have come up against a solid positional wall, probably not winning any games, and losing a few from the kinds of errors he knew he was prone to (which is why he wanted a really long match, to prevent his tendency to make mistakes from being decisive).

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    chyss~obviously you hadn't read the OP's quote #1. Soo I'll leave you to your take about this thread's premise. As it is, it's all in good fun ta speculate, isn't it? Hope you're cool with that.


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    I see.

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    @najdorf96. Thread title's supercede OP's quote #1. Don't you know anything about forums?

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