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in what you play when chess bothers?

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    which game do you play, when chess bothers and you were tired

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    i like to play a blok design game

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    candy crush 

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    oh no, it is better. I only hever the German Name, Baustein Rätsel, but I now there is also an english version.

    So, I am going to turn in for the night. Might be back one later, or with my tablet in Bed. Really cool how the 5 games are going different directions.

    I like this g6 - Bg7 start for black. I know many say it's not good, but I thought in these five games it would be a great oppertunity to explore it.

    here is the link to the app for the puzzle game:



    What you have to do is this. you have a nuber of various shapes and you have to get them to fit exacly into a box.

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