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Invite Chinese (Taiwanese ) Players to chess.com!

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    Today I was watching the member's map, seeing if the if is there any players on any country. Unfortunately, I've found out people from China and Taiwan are not playing chess.com. This is a tragedy, since I have also learned Chinese and have played chess online. I want to also see more Chinese players online, and here's the chance to invite anyone you know to play chess online. I want to see if the staff will apporve this. If you have any comments, please write it on this topic.

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    Comment: that's not chess.

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    I know that's not chess. That's chinese chess, so that's why I put it there.Smile But they don't play chess online. I know they play AMERICAN/EUROPEAN chess. But they seem to rather play their local Chinese chess. Cry *sob*

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    It's a great game; if you want to play Chinese people, maybe you should learn it?  Just don't think you can blockade and contain the enemy's zu/bing (pawn-equivalent).  I was beaten soundly because of that mistake.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure chess.com does have some Chinese members.  I don't think chess.com has the budget to mount a mass campaign to induce more to join.

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    Of course not true.

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    there are lots of chinese playing on chess.com though! chess.com is not internationalized now but it would most likey attract more chinese and other foreign people if it is. I heard that it's going to be done soon so I expect chinese people will come flooding in chess.com!

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    how do i play a certain country on chess com

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