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Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    Almost impossible, but... The way it could happen is when the 1300 is at his best that day and the 2700 plays loose and fast because he knows his opponent is "only" 1300, and yet....

    The 1300 player will surely make the last mistake...

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    Someone i know (2100)  just beat topgrandmaster Ivan Sokolov (2699) in a normal time control lague game though 

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    Sure, maybe I could beat a 2700.

    And Maybe I could get a lucky punch and knock out Mike Tyson, too.

    But I aint holdin my breath to try that, either.

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    best chance to start the match and the 2700 gets a computerproblem, indeed is forced to time-out...

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    <Kenpo> He will sooner or later get a point against you, you know...

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    moonnie wrote:

    Someone i know (2100)  just beat topgrandmaster Ivan Sokolov (2699) in a normal time control lague game though 

    WOW(that actually is impressive), 2100...1300 same difference.  

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    Here's a hypothetical situation to show it's possible: 1300 playing white    1.e4  e5  2.Qh5   2700 reaches for his knight but slips and grabs the king instead...  surely that has to happen at least once in a gazillion million billion trillion years?!

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    yeah...but the 1300 still wouldn't be able to win that game :P

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    i think yes

    if the 2700 player does a blunder / the 1300 rating player concentrates

    most probably the game would be a fast game like a 1 min game

    in which any one can do a blunder ( a GM too )

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    You could poke his eyes out. But he'd probably have the board memorized by then anyway.

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    @erikido23 you really don't have a high opinion of 1300's do you!

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #592


    @  oort...you have been accused of not having a sense of humor once haven't you?


    PS..I agree the 1300 would win it...They just wouldn't realize they mated when they played qxe5

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    I don't know about %, but I have seen a 2500 lose to 1300 in otb, and I have beaten an IM in OTB(although I messed up the later games, this is my proudest achievement).

    I would suggest Caro-Kann if you want to try, because I did that vs the IM. My endgame was better, so I won.

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    no offense, but i highly doubt it, even after a terrible blunder. i suggest trying to turn the game into a learning experience instead of a competition; at least then you will seize the opportunity to its fullest.

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    @erikido I think you have me confused with someone else and in this case dude it's definitely you that lacks a sense of humour (or at least the ability to recognise a joke when it's made)

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    solskytz wrote:

    right - indeed, 3 0 is my favorite internet playing time. Funny that it's considered 'slow' nowadays. 

    With chessboards I generally go for 5 0, and 3 0 seems crazy to me - however 3 0 for the internet looks about right, as 5 0 makes me die of boredom when I have to sit there and wait for the other guy to finally MOVE...

    So yes, by all means...

    What? You've never played 1/0 OTB? You've never lived!

    Seriously, just challenge me to a 3/0 whenever you see me on live chess, I'm happy to play. My 3/0 rating is lower though, not even 2000 I think. Clearly I play better without thinking...

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    moonnie wrote:

    Someone i know (2100)  just beat topgrandmaster Ivan Sokolov (2699) in a normal time control lague game though 

    Wow! That must be one of the biggest upsets of all time surely? Would you be able to post the game for us to see?

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    -kenpo- wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    I am of course answering the question in a very theoretical way. In the practical world, you should never in a million years (literally) expect this kind of thing to happen, or you'd be a fool.

    In a gazillion million billion trillion years, though, maybe it's not so unwise to expect it

    I keep posting though because there are people who literally think it's impossible, even when talking theoretically.

    Not that such people might not be right -- I certainly can't be 100% sure of the answer myself.

    isn't it amusing that some blatantly ridiculous and obviously preposterous notions aren't questioned at all, just accepted as truth, while other equally incredulous claims are denounced as such.

    in my experience, it seems if you have enough financial and political capital you could claim you have a pet dolphin with dragon wings and people wouldn't question this at all. rather they would ask you "oh wow! what's his name? (can I kiss your butt some more, please?)".


    I might perhaps challenge you to a duel, Elubas of Nonesuchchesttershire, if you keep this up.

    It's true that there is a lot of speculation here. It's hard to really prove this stuff; all I can say is that this line of reasoning (in my posts), given the choice, is the one that makes the most sense to me.

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    I could never beat a 2700 in a million years.

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    Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

    No way! Unless it's something like Zukertort's case, but mostly it'll be abandoned. :P

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