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Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    Agreed, CSF. Some people seem to think that chess is a game of chance. Luck plays a very small role in chess, and certainly does not enter into the calculation of whether a 1300 could beat a 2700 in tournament conditions.

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    Well of course it'll vary. Sometimes it may take 1.5 million tries; sometimes you'll luck out and get it in .4 million tries; it's the same thing with any probability.

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    Imagine how many years it would take to play 1.5 million games.  If my math is correct, it's close to 3 years of constant 1 minute games, assuming they're all exactly 2 minutes.

    But as Elubas pointed out, the number of tries varies.  It could happen on the first game.

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    It could happen on the first game! And then on the second game! And then on the third game! And on the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth game!! And after that? Every every every every every freaking game!


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    Maybe if the 1300 was possessed by Fischer, Alkehine, Capablanca and Tal at the same time.

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    I think the 1300 player could win if the 2700 dies at the board. Only way really. I played a 2200 player once he kicked my ass 5 games playing blind. LOL.

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    Your best chance is against Ivanchuk. He can beat anyone on a good day, but he has more than his share of bad days.

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    yes, most definatly, thats why i left tourament games, most of the top players were cheating, so if they forget to use the chess seaarch engine, you will win some of your games

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    So Fischer lives in Ireland now?

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    A 1300 rated player from the planet  14 Xenomia 237 can beat a 2700 rated player here as for one thing, the two rating systems are different.

    Even on the planet earth it is possible for a 1300 rated player to be a 2700 rated player. The key word is "possible".

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    Luck plays a very small role in chess...

    Depends on semantics...

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    Luck plays a larger role in chess than most people imagine.

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    Especially if you attempt to define more precisely what is meant by "luck."

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    No ZERO

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    sure there is a possibility . that a 1300 can win a game

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #996


    i beat a 2000 once

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    If the 2700 wants to resign because he is in a hurry, the 1300 won. It's probably an unrated game anyway.

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    Not really!

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    A 1300 player probably will have a 50-50% chance against a 2700 player  only with a at least a Queen and rook odds.



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    Well maybe if that 1300 rated player is some kind of chess genius and he just started competing on FIDE tournaments.

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