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Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    Irinasdaddy wrote:
    GreedyPawnEater wrote:

    yes. it's not that hard. 2700 players make terrible blunders once in a while.

    If it's not that hard, then you've clearly done it before, right?

    not yet but of course i can do it given enough opportunities to play 2700 GM. it's not a big deal. if he blunders an exchange or a pawn he is dead. even a 2000 player can beat the world champ being an exchange up

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    There is a chance that anyone can beat a 2700 rated player. Lets say someone who does not know the rules of chess plays an infinite number of games against the 2700 rated player. Since he does not know the rules he moves a random piece to a random square on each of his moves. He will win an infinite number of games, because of the theoretical chance of him only doing best moves in a game.

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    Ok, let's tackle this one at a time:

    Greedy, your online standard rating is above average.  You still wouldn't beat a 2700 with pawn odds.  You're not beating a 2700-rated player in a standard control game up a rook for a bishop.  This thread is about someone rated 1300.

    letsplaychess: first of all, if your argument includes infinity, you need a better argument.  Second of all, a 1300-rated player KNOWS THE RULES, so they won't make sheerly random moves.  They will use their flawed judgment.  Finally, even if they DID make random moves, the 2700-rated player would make infinite NON-RANDOM moves, meaning that in the end, their judgment would STILL prevail.  Infinity is a nice catch-all that people who don't understand statistics and probability try to use.  

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    There's a chance that some posters (luigi in another thread) could offer a logical statement backed by evidence, but I would not put money on it. Betting against is too close to a sure thing.

    Same with the chances of the 1300.

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