Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    I'm not sure why a monkey would persist in an activity for even one hour in an activity that was providing it no benefit...

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    Come to think of it there might be the problem that eventually the monkeys would need food to function, etc (not sure how long it takes to type up the average shakespeare play). But that concern can be easily accomodated for: Just make the challenge to type only a certain amount of acts of Shakespeare instead. Makes the same point.

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    Perhaps it would be easier to see if a monkey could beat a 2700 at Chess! Wink

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    The example is kind of cool for a different reason too: it kind of makes me think about meaning. It's just interesting to think that, you could have shakespeare coming from this bright human being, and you could have, what would seem anyway, the exact same thing, come from monkeys who didn't know what they were writing. I still feel like there would be something different about the two plays, even though everything physically about them would be identical. There's something that makes the play that was written by a human, that it actually had a purpose, more special, even if you wouldn't know it unless you were told (because again, they would look the same).

    It's like how someone might make scribbles as a kid, just kind of randomly, yet some abstract artist might do those same scribbles, but have the audacity to present it as art. But what he has over the kid is that he had a reason for the scribbles, they were deliberate, carefully considered, whereas for the kid it just happened by chance.

    (Although a lot of times I think abstract art really is just BS.)

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    Murgen wrote:

    Perhaps it would be easier to see if a monkey could beat a 2700 at Chess! 

    Yes, that should have been the thread title all along :)

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    yeah i beat your mum at 13 and she was 27

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    who the hell do u think u are

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    santhosh44 wrote:

    who the hell do u think u are

    mangus carlsen

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    What is the biggest upset on record at classical chess in a tournament?

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    if both players were taking the game seriously, then absolutely no chance ever.

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    Abstract art would make PT Barnum blush! Laughing

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    @Elubas.... one last time. You are allowing your mind to play tricks. You like to believe anything is possible. You therefor use the infinite attempts with infinite time notion to to support your "belief". Somethings are Not Possible Once. Ever. Not now or before the end of time. What? You believe in infinite universes too?

    Your reasoning puts the cart before the horse.

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    I would agree that a square circle can never happen, but anytime there is a possibility that doesn't run into contradictions, it's a legitimate one.

    Think of it this way. If you grant that a stream of numbers such as 99483727290... (and a bunch of other random numbers all the way to infinity) is possible, then you should just as easily grant that the stream of numbers 111111111111111111... repeating all the way to infinity is possible. (By stream I mean, it could be that you find an object that just so happens to be 1.111 repeating inches long, etc.)

    It would be total bias on your part to suggest that one of these is legitimate while the other is not. Both of these numbers are possibilties out of the infinite. If you suggest that none of these numbers are possible, then to be consistent, you would have to suggest that no stream of infinite numbers are possible, because every stream of numbers is in the same boat and is just as likely as any other.

    Now it's one thing to say that it's possible and another thing to expect it to happen. I would be incomprehensibly surprised if something like the above occurred. I'm just saying I wouldn't question that the event makes sense or coheres with reality.

    But I guess you have said before you don't believe in the infinite. Well, then there is not much I can offer you. My argument rests on the belief in the infinite, so that's where we are.

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    What are the chances Elubas will ever be succinct?

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    It doesn't take very long to read.

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    Elubas wrote:

    I would agree that a square circle can never happen, but anytime there is a possibility that doesn't run into contradictions, it's a legitimate one.

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