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Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    Scottrf wrote:

    That's a long way from no chance though. Of course that's arguing over semantics.

    Semantics indeed, as in the chance that Vatican City would deploy nuclear weapons. It's a long shot, of course, but they could decide that it would be useful and could work towards that goal.

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    esveesea wrote:

    I would love to watch the 10 games under Jimmykay's scenario

    It would make a great chess.com promotion! Get Nakamura to play 10 games spotting a queen to a 1300. Someone pass this along!

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    Ziryab wrote:

    Statistical analysis is next to worthless when you are talking about the elite of the elite. During the years of the thread, the number of players rated over 2700 has varied from 45 to 50.

    The discussion, however, has focused on the general strength of Grandmasters without the recognition that 2700s win almost every game against GMs below 2650.

    1300s have no chance. That is, the chance of a rank beginner is less than the fraction of a tenth of a percent that might be predicted from statistical analysis.

    GM Agdestein(ca2630) met those 2700+´s in Norway chess. Most of the games were draw. 

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    Agdestein is a stud; "almost every" is hyperbole. I would guess that it's closer to 50% wins, a few losses, and quite a few draws.

    Against Agdestine, the 1300 has a fraction of a hundredth of a percent chance of a draw. He's well below 2700.

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    IT's possible if the 2700 has a heart attack, dies, and runs out of time.

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