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Isn't opening 1.e4 a sign of disrespect?

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    petrosianpupil wrote:

    I faced somebody who had the rudeness to play e4 against me. I said that is a stupid move take it back. They replied it gives control of the centre. Activates my kings bishop which will enable me to castle and even move my queen to take advantage of any mistakes you might make. I said yes that's all true but pawns can't move three squares in one go and the white pieces move first.


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    joelseymour wrote:

    Is that a joint mang, looks like a quarter pounder mang.

    It's got some labrador in it.

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    I'm not depressed enough to play 1. d4 so pardon my arrogance.

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    Good joke Smileand interesting

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    You have a problem with e4? Yes it may be less advantageous, but what about it? Many players start out by playing e4, and e4 reasonably strong. Saying people playing e4 are disrespectful is like saying their style is disrespectful. Sure players won't take the advantage but what if they like coming from behind, or like more tactical games? Are people not allowed to play what they're comfortable with? Saying I can't play e4 is the same as saying I can't play the french defense. It is our style and a part of us. Sure it may make it easier for black to equalize but in all chess games after the first moves doesn't it all equalize if they are players of equal strength? Not everybody is a positional player either. Don't judge. And you can't say fischer is a genius... sure he was talented and things might have come easy to him. But everybody can be a genius if they apply themselves.  "Geniuses are made, not born" -Laszlo Polgar

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    FISCHER said e4 is best!!!!!!!!

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    It's not OK to be disrespectful! personally, I just block e4 players so I don't get bothered again.

    If you don't like 1. d4, start with 1. a4! Not only does it show your good manners, it opens the way for the rook to enter the game, and develops a pawn.

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    I would have thought that by this time everyone would have figured out that the original post was a joke

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    Brazil_World wrote:

    one time i started 1.b3 and my opponent laughed so hard that he wasted 2 minutes on his clock and lost the game on time because it was a 5 minute blitz game.

    What a noob.  

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    chessmicky wrote:

    I would have thought that by this time everyone would have figured out that the original post was a joke

    You have a very high opinion of everyone.

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    I once fell to the temptation of playing e4. Oh, what a terrible decision that was... I quickly fell into a deep depression, baffled by my own lack of morals. It left deep scars in my soul and a part of me died... I can no longer find joy in life and I don't think I will ever have that back... Be warned, brethren. Do not succumb to such a horrid display of humanity's foulest sins!

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    chessmicky wrote:

    I would have thought that by this time everyone would have figured out that the original post was a joke


    You think so.

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    Scachfan, I agree! Fight it out but to make someone play a dozen more moved to complete the inevitable ticks me off. I play e4 99% of the time. I play better when I play with some arrogance!

    Thanks for your advice awhile back on positional play. It has helped a lot!

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    Thanks ChessMicky!!

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    nice joke, e4 by black ha ha ha and i thought before reading that you dont know about e4 (how is that even possible) and now i can't stop laughing

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