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Ivanov speaks out!

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #521


    nah the BYP will beat ivanov even if he uses computer engine. The BYP on hybernation studying sillmans books and when he comes back he'll be rubbing us on his mustache.

    Hes gonna MOW US DOWN. heck.

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #522


    cookiemonster161140 wrote:

    So tell me again, how is inconsistent play proof of cheating?


    No. What was said was his play is consistent with the play of a computer.

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #523


    All of this is wrong. 

    Ivanov was the model of consistency in games where he wasn't being monitored. But in games after he had gone through a metal detector, his play was about 2000 strength. 

    That was the inconsistency. It later turned out that he was hiding the device in his shoe. 

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #524


    Better, but still slightly off. He did throw a game here or there even when he wasn't monitored closely.

  • 20 months ago · Quote · #525


    Before his last tournament Ivanov signed agreement they can search him. He refused to show his shoes during his game vs GM Dlugy. This is clear confession. You may refuse testing for alcohol while driving, but you are treated as guilty in such case. The same here.

  • 20 months ago · Quote · #526


    bigpoison wrote:
    cookiemonster161140 wrote:


    I'm no FM, but I've beaten some IM's and FM's at tournaments

    Sure ya' have, Rich.

    Yes, I too found myself growing somewhat skeptical at that claim.

  • 20 months ago · Quote · #527


    we don't call him bugpoison because he squashes vermin, but maybe we should.

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