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List of Stupid Things Even Strong Players Say

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #61


    varelse1 wrote:
    JMB2010 wrote:

    My first chess coach, rated about 1400, said things like this.

    -That is bad because you get doubled pawns.

    -Who cares about the free piece, moving your rook to the open file is more important.

    -You win this ending by promoting your pawn to a queen and mating him.

    -Connected passed pawns are weak-you can pick them off quickly.

    -Here's a technique I like to use that always confuses my opponent-never castle!

    (about 1.d4)-What the heck is that? If I were the light-squared bishop I would knock you out!


    Seeing as your a NM today, one of those musta been right!

    1 and 3 are right.

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    Reminds of time at a tournament I saw coach looking over game with his student. In the game, the krid developed his LSB from c8 to a6. His coach said that was a mistake, the bishop shouldn't go there, until you've played P-a5 first.

    I'm thinking "I never heard that one....."

    A little later, his opponent moved his queen to a4, forcing the bishop to move. Coach said "See?! If your pawn was on a5, you wouldn't be losing a tempo now, would you?!"

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    Actually, I dont find anything wrong with that. Can you explain?

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #65


    This endgame is a dead draw.

    *Goes on to win the game*

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #66


    always check it might be mate

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #67


    LOL I was told I should not play the same boring passive opening system again and again but it works screw you Mr. Clifton

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    "Modern players are too concerned with things like pawn structure.  Forget it, checkmate wins the game"-Nigel Short. 

    Relative to the person saying it the phrase is dumb because there are so many aspects of chess one needs to take into account both to avoid being checkmated or checkmating the other guy.  You can't do much checkmating if your pawn structure is obliterated, isolated pawns on an open file with heavy pieces lined up, you have no piece activity to compensate for it, and they gain a strong candidate or even outright passed pawn that should win by force. 

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