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My game vs. Houdini 2.0c

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    So... I wanted a challenge, so I stuck on Houdini and played a 20 v. 10-minute (I had 20 minutes, Houdini 10) game vs. Houdini 2.0c on Arena and I was wondering if you guys had any pointers or comments or something, I feel I played pretty well and don't see where I went wrong, but obviously I'm not too heartbroken at losing to a 3300 rated player.

    Cheers doods. Laughing


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    I don't see much of a problem with your initial development, except that you gave up your bishops.  Giving up the bishop pair sort of put you down on your mobility and coordination.  And I agree with you about the initial capture of the d pawn.  11. a3 may not have been necessary, because simply castling could have kept the potential for the pin away.  In addition, it is unlikely he would have taken the knight for the bishop, because that would have caused dark square weaknesses for him.  Also, as he began to attack you on the king side, you moved your pieces towards the queen side, which left you somewhat more vulnerable (in this case, it lost you time).  Having both the queen and the dark squared bishop gave Houdini an advantage on the dark squares.  You may have noticed this with the lost pawn and the opened dark squares around your king (your queen took residence on one of them for a few moments).  You were somewhat passive with your knights, though it was hardly avoidable in some circumstances (goes back to trading away your bishops earlier in the game).  And the last few moves gave you little to do anything about anyways.  Honestly, you played fairly well (probably a lot better than I would have), but every single weak or inaccurate move was exploited.  In other words, you aren't perfect.  You didn't make any terrible blunders, but you didn't make all of the best moves.  I would suggest in the future to never move pawns around your king that have potential for exploitation, and be more active with your pieces (whether they be knight or bishop).

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    Woody165 wrote:

    Cheesy you should try to win positionally not tactically that is the only way to have a chance to win or unless you get Kasparov or Carlsen to help you tactically win

    Well, this is more of a positional game, which I think is why I didn't get totally murdered, or mated or anything else that's awful like dropping pieces, but engines are actually so good at building the pressure in these types of positions that it feels as if it's just a disaster waiting to happen whenever you play these things lol.

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    Good game man. Has anyone ever actually beaten Houdini before (3000+)?

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    My tip for you...


    Give yourself 30 minutes, and Houdini 1 minute.

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    not alot in that game well played... you will always find that when you play well against an engine, an engine will always intend on a marginal win if it does not see huge sacs and big tactical wins. it just plays to win even if the tactics are 1,500

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