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My nephew beat HOUDINI?!?!

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    But calculate the entire string of possibilities is easy maybe NGO should help computer.

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    Sure looks like it's playing random moves to me.

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    PearlFey wrote:

    Its a well known fact to any competent computer scientist chess progammer that the perfect version of any chess playing computer plays only slightly better than a person playing randomized moves if its opening and engame database are off.

    [Citation needed]

    [Citation will never be supplied, because it's complete B.S.]

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    MISTERGQ wrote:

    I call BS. I don't believe this for a second.

    Think about chess geniuses over time. 50-70 years ago we had chess geniuses with shitty openning theory. From the story, we can deduce that this book is the only chess thing hes read and its a natural talent, but from the game that was posted, we can infer that a ton of openning knowledge has been built for years. Im not saying its impossible for this kid to have gone on the internet and learned this stuff  on his own, but its pretty ridiculous that this story would be taken seriously. It is too well thought out, just like a story would be. It has no characteristics of a person telling a true story, like a journalistic article, but it has a feel like a story book. 

    It is fairly obvious that his 'nephew' being autistic is just a vehicle to get people to believe this drivel. Right when a normal person would look at the story and think 'this guy is full of shit,' he drops that his nephew is autistic to lend authenticisty. 

    Frankly, the chess.com forums are filled with people wanting to think they are smarter than everyone else because they play chess. This is a common theme in posts. 

    Example posts: 'Does chess make people smarter?' 'Are kids that play chess smarter?' These kinds of post reveal an atmosphere within the chess community of wanting to dominate mentally. 

    This lends motive to why someone would BS this post. To get 'one over' on the people of chess.com. To be honest, some of the posts here make me roll my eyes and say, "really? thats the stupidest thing I've heard all day."


    This post is a fake, and the poster is trying to prey on us by making us think his nephew is a genius. Ignore this fake fable, it reads just like an urban legend.

    I have to agree. Almost all of white's moves correspond with Stockfish 5, but as Stockfish 5 was not out at the time the OP was written, I speculate white was Stockfish DD. Also, black made a tun of careless blunders around move 30 that a 3200 engine just would not make, so I speculate Black was not Houdini 3.

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    congratulations i belive you why two reasons if you analysis in the comp comp he can't understand the position and the ather reason i have win houdin 2pro in closed sicelian

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    Comp. vs. Comp. Obvious. Why is this 23 pages?

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