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    I'm kind of fruterated. I have Fritz 13, but I moved the files, thinking it wouldnt harm anything. But then it couldnt access the databases. So I uninstalled it, and now it wont reinstall. So I decided to get a different GUI and run my engines on it. I couldn't find arena in english and winboard doesn't work and I can' find any others... does anyone know of a good reliable GUI?

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    Did you try to remove all the registry entries resulting from the Fritz installation? I would try that as well, restart and the reinstall...

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    Did you try this site for the Arena GUI in english?


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    why dont you try tarrasach i think its spelt like that its a great gui

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    @WGMJustinBieber yes I downloaded it buts its only in german

    @darkfire123 does it support engine vs engine matches? I saw it but wasn't sure if it did or not

    @andersson1969 I had thought I did delete everything unless there is something else I can not find

    Thanks guys for the input!

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    If I remember correctly, there is a menu item in Arena to change the language to english.  I don't have it loaded, so can't help you find it, but pretty sure it's there somewhere...

    Also, I don't think that Tarrasch supports engine vs. engine matches.

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    i checked that it only has german

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    Do they have any fritz version for linux

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    WinBoard 4.6 works fine for me. 

    The program supports different piece fonts, your choise of whatever bitmap you want for the squares, different board sizes, engine vs engine tourneys, ics play, database position searches, evaluation graphs, and a few dozen other features and options, etc.  What part "doesn't work" for you"?

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    the installation. i found it somehwere else and installed it, but it may be an older version because its different than what you describe. I think i need to resolve my fritz 13 though, thats expensive software and even if i did get another gui  i stil dont have the engine

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    After I set up Arena 3.0, when I started it the first time, it prompted me for the language I would like to use.  Also, from within the program under the "Extras" menu the last item listed is a "Choose Language" option.  On my installation that selection lists 3 options:


    English_Russian_Codepage (Whatever that means?)


    If you don't have that option perhaps you need to try an uninstall and reinstall and see if it works correctly?  Was the Arena setup you downloaded and installed the Arena_3.0Setup.exe file?

    Agree that you'll still definitely want to get Fritz working correctly - hopefully chessbase support or someone can get you up and running with that...

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    I emailed them yesterday but no response

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    Have you considered learning German?

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    hmm... that might solve all my problems... including what to order at the german cafe on the cornor...


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    what exactly do you do with your chess programs?  SCID is free and pretty nice.  i've always just changed the language of arena to english, too. 


    EDIT: i just found the change language option under "Extras" -- it's the bottom option on the drop-down.  that's arena 3.0.

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    yes i know i tried it only has german

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    huh. i also use ChessPad quite often.  my main weapon is fritz but chesspad opens quickly and is light on the system.  it's really nice.  :)

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    Do you have this file in your Arena installation?

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arena\Languages\English.lng

    (skip the " (x86)" for some versions of windows)

    If not, putting that file in place might fix the problem with not being able to select english.  If missing I could email it to you - it's only 175kb.

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    @pwwaring thank you... my email is christiansoldier007@gmail.com if you could do that that would be great

    @skwerly what is ChessPad?

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