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Never heard this one before about premoving

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    Will someone he/she hasn't blocked tell him/her that I am no cheater :(

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    You want my advice? Just don't worry about it. Your opponent is probably perfectly aware of premoves and is just trolling you. People like to be idiots sometimes, especially when everyone the know and care about in real life don't have to see them being an idiot.

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    What exactly is premoving? I haven't encountered it before. Is it like conditional moves in Online (Correspondence) Chess?

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    Premoving isn't cheating. you have nothing to worry about :) If your opponent accuses you  of cheating then you can just disable chat and continue your game with a clear conscience . Don't worry about accusations, just play your game. If you want you can add them to your blocked player list so they cannot contact you again.

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    Kind of, you just make your move before your opponent moves, and when they move your move is made automatically.

    However, unlike conditional moves, premoves cannot be made conditionally:

    If I premove Qf3, then Qf3 is played no matter what my opponent plays, even if he plays a sacrifice like moving an undefended bishop to Bg4, my premove would still move the queen to f3 and hang it. Thus, premove blunders are quite common in bullet.

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    Even if you premove you will still lose 0.1 seconds off your clock, Unless you have a bad connection and then the server Overcompensates you (Bug?) and you lose 0.0 seconds per move.

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    @ Kansha

    She kind of beat me to that blocking thing. Wanted to send her a message and explain the premove stuff, but alas, she didn't want to talk.

    What really annoys me is that she is rated ~150 points higher than me. I need to get it together... ;)

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     Will someone she hasn't blocked please educate her. She is now commenting on my profile. Please show her this thread or something. I will be forever grateful.



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    I tried, but Midnight_Silk only accepts messages from friends. She(?) probably is smart about online harrasment. Maybe? Anyway, it's not cheating. Go to settings on live chess, click on play, and enable premoves. I premove, and nobody complains, because it's NOT cheating.

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    Thank you for trying :)

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    It seems she is violating TOS, right?

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    Well, it OUGHT be a violation of TOS to publicly accuse someone of cheating without evidence. Especially when you give them no chance to reply.

    However, I do not know if it actually IS a violation. A staff member could probably answer this one. 

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