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On My Way To China and Chinese Chess

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    I would have never dreamed that I would go to China but last week after discussing it with my family I accepted a position in Shenzhen China for 2 years. I means good pay and for my son a chance to learn Chinese Chess. Have any of you ever lived in China?

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    How long did you stay in Shenzhen for?

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    I have only travelled through Shenzhen a couple of times travelling to and from Hong Kong but I lived in Kunming for six months in 2009, and studied in Guangzhou for a couple of months 2002.

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend studying some Chinese. I don't know if there are any good distance courses in Denmark, but Lund University here in Sweden (and I think it's free for Danish students as well) has a nice distance course that I can recommend (although it is quite a bit different from when I took it).

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    You are in luck! WinBoard does not only support western Chess, but also Chinese Chess. And the showTargetSquares option can be helpful in learning the game:

    If you want to play against the locals, you cannot escape to play it like this, of course:
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    Thanks for the good information. Chinese chess? I am having trouble enough with chess as we know it Smile

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    In China. Interesting, different and not 3rd world. These guys are running full out.

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