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OTB - Taking it easy on lower rated players?

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    motherinlaw wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:
    motherinlaw wrote:

    What is the sound of one Existentialist not clapping?

    Stop asking futile questions to escape your fear of death.

    Seriously, what's the answer ?

    Alas!  There Is no serious answer.  I should probably just go to my room now, and think about what I've done, and work on eschewing silliness in the future.  (Yeah, like That'll make a difference!)

    What is the sound of one Nihilist not clapping? Despair?

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    ...the air going out of a whoopie cushion, maybe

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    You guys are Not Helping!  (My prefrontal cortex is still "offline.")  

    What is the sound of one lobe firing?  

    (Answer:  motherinlaw trying to stay on topic, while following a series of logical exchanges in a serious discussion.)

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    motherinlaw wrote:
    motherinlaw wrote:
    motherinlaw wrote:

    Love the golf analogy, owltuna! -- "don't count strokes, count pleasure points." -- !

    Seems like a lot of people are saying "This is what makes the game enjoyable for me," implying "different strokes for different folks" -- (not golf "strokes" in this sentence, of course!), which sure makes sense.

    Teaching and mentoring seem to me way different from deliberately giving one adult opponent an easier game than you might give another opponent. That seems to violate the "contract" both players agreed to when the game began, and it risks insulting the less skilled player. 

    I don't remember signing a contract involving chess games.  Of course a verbal agreement is considered binding in some U.S. states.  Is there some rule that states I must crush every adversary completely if I am able to?  If so I'll have to talk this one over with my lawyer.  Until this is presented to me I'll continue to take it easy on some as I see many people as children; and do you know how happy most people are when they win?  OFten they're a lot happier than when they lose even if they've had an "easy" win.

    Great information about you!  Let's play chess!!  (Hint:  apparently I'm Not one of those easily insulted players ...!)

    The comment I posted was intended to voice my perspective and was not meant to be insulting.  

    Oh, my bad!  I didn't find your comment at all "insulting," and apparently I failed to be clear -- I was talking about my Own comment that going easy on someone "risks insulting the less skilled player."

    I used "risks" deliberately.  Some players might be insulted.  Others wouldn't.  Me?  I'm less invested in Learning from a hard-fought game than most players on this site seem to be ... So a casually played game is fine with me.  In other words, I'm definitely in the "wouldn't be insulted if opponent took it easy on me" category!  (Does that help?)   

    Good point.  Almost anyone who's insulted by someone taking it easy on them in a chess game can be said to be easily insulted.

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    It is better to play hard on them. Just in case they beat you.

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    Wow...wasn't this just about beating someone at chess who may not be as good?  :)  That was too deep (above).  Thank happy thoughts, man. :)

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    I like to lead on a player if I see they are playing poor moves, and then line up a queen sacrifice that gets me a forced checkmate in under five against my opponent. It's fun to say the least lol.

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