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Other chess sites?

  • 4 years ago · #1


    What other chess sites are there that have a good sized live play community?

    I'm looking for one that has at least a 45 minute standard setup. I'm tired of losing at the end when ahead due to not having enough time with 30 and trying to get a custom time game on here just takes way too long to bother with. I'm not sure if they even added a 45 minute game here that it would get a lot of use. If you look at the matches going on this site is a far bigger fan of speed/bullet chess as everyone is playing 15 minute or below games. I don't have any interest in that as I like to think about my moves.

    ICC has a 45 minute standard choice right? Anyone know if their community size is good that it is easy to get games? Are there other good sites for longer game times?

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