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Other than praying, how should a patzer play against a much stronger opponent?

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    I was reading about Dr. Tarrasch, who was writing about a slump he was in, losing to inferior opponents. He finally realized that he was overconfident, and said "It is not enough to be a good chess player; one must also play good chess." Often times players will underestimate lower rated opponents, and lose. In short, ditto to what everyone else is saying in this thread...just give each game your best shot. Your higher rated opponents probably fear losing to you then you do losing to them ;)

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    Ubik42 wrote:
    PatzerLars wrote:
    GiorgiVanDerway wrote:

    200 points OTB means nothing if your opponent isnt at least an expert

    Actually rating points in general don't mean anything to the game ahead. Only the moves that are made. Don't psyche yourself out !

    Yeah, except for the inconvenient fact that higher rated players tend to beat lower rated players.

    That's how it should be. Nevertheless, there is no point in beating yourself.

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