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People Stop Complaining About Chess.com!!

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    I pay, and I'm  unhappy about the amount of cheating that goes on here.  I understand the ratio due to the amount of people on chess.com, but still.  This is in fact the last month I will be a paying member.

    I DO play on ICC as well as Playchess.  While I don't completely understand the Playchess interface, ICC is in general more friendly, and you have tougher competition. 

    Not only that, the app really blows here.  I can't play one game without it hanging, and the tactics (this is on Android btw), are horrible, it is in no way shape or form consistent with the website.

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    Agreed on all points regards Chess.com's apps, Joe.

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    Your lucky....as an example with tactics...do one problem, get 1 point, no matter the difficulty or speed in which you solve it.  Fail one problem LOSE 30-40 points

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    "Correct answer! Your score: -40".

    My tactics score goes up considerably when I do it online in the full browser, and down significantly when I do it via the app.

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