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Piece value

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    What is best two rooks or three minor pieces? ( In different scenarios)

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    rook is 5
    knight and bishop are 3
    2*5 > 3*3 :D
    but it depends on position

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    It's a very broad question. Obviously two rooks are worth more but that's not always important. It's based entirely on the position. Do you have an example scenario?

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    Which side do you prefer?

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    White, Re7 and the f pawn looks like it falls. Although Ne4 might be annoying.

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    Values are relative, and should not be used once you gone beyond simply learning how to move the pieces.

    There are times that having 2 Bishops, especially if both are uncontested, meaning opponent has neither Bishop, where they could be as strong as a Queen together, even though they are only worth 6 on the point scale.

    In another game, having the 2 Bishops may not be worth any more than having 2 pawns.

    So it all depends.

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