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Poker is better than chess

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    HueyWilliams wrote:

    Which, come to think of it, sums up most of the debates on the forums. 

    No, it doesn't!

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    Yes it does!

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #843


    That's not argument, it's contradiction!

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #844


    Why you pompous ass, stop reviving the thread. 

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #845


    I won't if you won't!

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #846


    oh yeah I just did, bummer. 

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  • 5 months ago · Quote · #848


    Sounds like somebody's typing in their sleep.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #849


    Let's delete all of these poker threads and start from scratch

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #850


    Go scratch yourself.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #851


    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    Let's delete all of these poker threads and start from scratch

    How about not bumping them with comments? (Oh, wait .... $#!+)

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #852


    Sorry to bump this fascinating thread, but what i have to add is quite topicol and on point.

    The USCF's 116th US Open Chess Championship is coming to Arizona this August 1-9. It has a $46 annual membership + a $145-180 registration fee for the main event, plus nine additional tournaments with a $20 to $40 entry fee. The main event features a guaranteed $40K cash prize pool projected to $50K based on 500 entries.

    IF this were a poker tournament, the authorities in Arizona would be all over it. As it stands now, the Gaming Department doesn't think it's worth even investigating, and the Attorney General is contemplating my mirror registration (submitted 4/20/15) of the US Open under the intellectual gambling exclusion as provided by law. ARS 13-3301.1.d.iii.

    Offering both chess and poker player forum opinions via these links:

    Chess forum:


    Poker Forum:



    The only thing NOT topical to this thread is that this situation deals exclusively with Arizona's terrible anti-gambling laws that include games or contests of both chance or skill, and then attempts to regulate skill games under the criminal code's "exclusions". (Google ARS 13-3301).

    This isn't a discussion about poker or chess being better than one or the other, or more noble, honorable, or generally "better" in terms of a gamble for skilled players. NY vs. DiCristina (2012) settles the debate that poker is a game of predominantly skill with Judge Weinstein's 120-page opinion. What's important under ARizona law is that both chess and poker are "predominantly skill" games. If chess is 99% skill and poker is 51% skill, it doesn't matter under Arizona law. If Chess is "protected", then poker must be. It's an equal protection issue. And if poker is illegal, then so too, must chess be illegal... or if authorities choose to look the other way for chess, with a $50K cash prize pool, there's at least a dozen gray market cardroom operators in ARizona that may have a class action claim for selective prosecution of poker but not chess because Arizona's conflicted gaming department is seeking only to protect it's paymaster's (the tribal casinos) monopolistic claims over the international sport of poker.

    See also:  


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    where are the other poker threads

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #854


    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    where are the other poker threads

    Stay out of it !

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #855


    Chess is 100% skill, not 99%. If this is the case, then golf tournaments should be banned as well

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #856


    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    Chess is 100% skill, not 99%. If this is the case, then golf tournaments should be banned as well

    You have the mindset of an adolescent that has just seen his first pubic hair.

  • 4 weeks ago · Quote · #857


    Golf, any other games that involves a ball has luck associated with it

  • 4 weeks ago · Quote · #858


    So no balls works to your advantage?

  • 4 weeks ago · Quote · #859


    snooker/billard required accuracy not luck.

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