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Ponz Says He Can Refute Ponziani!

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    You give hardly any analysis

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    The computer doesn't seem to like your refutation... then the analysis goes deeper...

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    DefinitelyNotGM  Yes, I agree a few games I won do not refute anything.

    For Ponziani fans [and I am one of them][ what does this mean for the Ponziani?  It really means very little!  Why?

    Because this is an extremely complicated variation which you will rarely see Black use.  For Black to use this variation he must study for days the several White replies. With this experiment we are discovering the best and worse Black replies?

    A competent Ponziani player or vote chess team will know this line and be ready for it!

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    I know I hardly gave any analysis.  These variations are very complicated and I will leave them at this point for others to analyze.  And it is true in the game vs Expertise the chess engines give Black the advantage.  However studying it more it seems to come out to an even game.

    This Fraser variation is simply too complicated to post a good analysis but anyone is free to comment on the 6 games completed.

    I will note that the game with 1 random ended in a very unusual endgame which could be fun for some to  analyze.

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    Yeah...sorry about my game...I was without access to my engine for a bit, and thus managed to completely screw myself over Embarassed

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    The Fraser variation is so complicated that you need a chess engine at first.

    [assuming it is allowed.]

    Here is the basic position and I the results of these 7 games per White's chosen 12th move [which is critical]

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    ponz11 are you running from me. Come play live chess

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    letsgohome wrote:

    ponz11 are you running from me. Come play live chess

    He is a far stronger player than you, chill out.

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    Results per 12th move choice:

    12. Qa6?   Black won all three games   0-3

    12. Qd5   One draw and one win for Black   1/2 -1 1/2

    13. Na3!  game vs 1 random   drawn  1/2 - 1/2

    Also, in one game White tried 7. Ke2  Bb6  8. Be3 ?! and Black won 0-1


    Conclusion:  12. Qa6? pretty much refuted

    12. Qd5  needs more investigation [but I do not think it is the best,correct move]

    12. Na3!  the "1 Random Variation"  [note this may already have a name but I call it the "1 Random Variation"]  This variation is very interesting and needs more investigation.  The actual final position was a very unusual draw endgame.   

    Thanks to the 5 players who participated in my "refutation"

    My Verdict:  "Not Refuted!" 

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