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Quickest you've ever trapped a queen?

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    What's the least amount of moves you've ever trapped a queen in?  Here's mine, from my most recent game as of this post:

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    Serves your opponent right for bring the Queen out so early, but just to see what I could do I would have played QxB and played on.

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    lol, good one :D
    my quickest one was probably the e4 d5 exd5 Qxd5 Nc3 Qc6?? Bb5 pin some years ago, now i rarely play players bad enough to do this :(

    my favourite one, though, is this one that realistically happens somewhat "often" - mostly in this order, but sometimes also in similar positions where you get a quick Nxf6 drawing out the queen:

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    Whoa...thanx for posting that.  I'm gonna remember that one.

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    Easy - Peasy for us lesser-able players: Don't bring the queen out early without a very good reason.

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