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"Benefit" of Studying your losses

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    Gunners2004 wrote:

    Recently I've been advised to study all losses I've suffered either OTB or here on chess.com - the reason being "you learn much more from your losses than your wins".

    Although I appreciate the sentiment, studying nothing but where you messed up would affect a player negatively I would think.

    Does anybody agree?

    I have been told the same: That I should record my games and study my losses more intensely than my wins (which sucks, because I gotta study A LOT more since I lose so much haha)... But I agree with the thinking... replaying your lost games (especially if you break out your board and replay move by move) can reveal things you didn't see before, or show you that "ahhh crap, why didn't I play this other move instead" moment.

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    You just lost a tempo by asking this question. Now go review your games!

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