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Re-publishment of winnersp e8 chess system

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    ok,after a few months working and discussion,the version 001 of winnersp e8 chess system and wesbite for 3d chess online playing is soon available! This is my chess AI studies on human machine interactive  programming and evolution so you can join and leave comments and later freely particpate in my project at www.chesstube.net

    winnersp e8 chess system 

    Follow the arrow indication and the A D C figure relations to search from top to bottom

    Details explained:

    After two moves means after two moves(4 plies) since the moving side moves.

    The  below rule applies well for the opening and the middle game but in the endgame,the threatening status after 2 moves shall be judged from the whole board to see if any piece will be under attack or threatening,instead of mere the moving piece for the opening and middle game.


    after two moves means after two moves(4 plies) since the moving side moves.

    It shall be stated that the threatening status shall be usually judged after 2 moves from moving side moves=4 plies,instead of one move=2 plies.Sometimes you have to look deeper more than 4 plies when hidden attack will happen.

    The style of play that varies

    The move style is decided by the human being other than the machine and logic.The style varies mainly due to the fuzzy recognization of the board condition,upon whether after 4 plies(hidden attack and hidden forced exchange condition upon  after 6 plies)

    ,the king is safe from forced check / mating threatening ,or any piece is secured not to be taken or exchanged by force.If Yes,then play sharp and open while if not then choose to play closed and defensive style.


    Pawn move logic 

    1.Pawn exchange encouraged.

    which usually applies to the condition that pawn  is usually to be played  only after no better available minor piece move found; pawn exchange move is encouraged to be played.

    2.No pawn exchange nor prepared to attack minor pieces

    no pawn exchange means any pawn exchange move not to be played for such move;usually pawns are not suggested to be played under such condition.

    3. pawn not prepared to attack minor pieces

    which means the  pawn shall not be moved to prepare to  attack minor pieces (N,B,Q,R,K)after 2 moves=4 plies  since it moves.

    (Attention:It is not that pawn can not  attack minor pieces,or trade pawns for such move).Usually such condition  requires that pawn cooperates with other pieces to hold up a tactical position.

    example:1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4. 3.Be2 instead of Nf3(as Nf3 will be under threaten after 2 moves)

    example 2: 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 3.d6 better instead of g5 as g5 is preparing to attack knight after 2 moves while d6 is developing spaces.

    logic system measurements

    It is very important to keep your playing style in case of losing position values,so here are three measurements to balance it.

    A Piece spatial intensity---upper figure in the position.

    A+ both side pieces will get more together

    A- both side piece will get more apart

    D strategic concentration---lower left figure in the position

    D+ moving side king will be more away from attack possibilities

    D- moving side king will be more likely to be exposed and attacked

    C tactical density..lower right figure in the position.

    C+ piece exchange will happen more frequently

    C- piece exchange will not happen so frequently

    Love affair and love relation logic in chess

    A passion

    A+ passion goes up A- passion goes down

    D Promise

    D+ Promise more D- Promise less

    C intimate

    C+ more intimate C- less intimate


    black E8 CHESSBOARD

    white  E8 CHESSBOARD


    2d playing scene  synchronizing with 3d playing

    animated 2d pieces

    3d playing scenes








    Animated 2d flash pieces on Alice in Wonderland chess board

    Wide 3d chessboard field.Drag pieces to view in different aspects

    Battle effect: Pieces moving and flying in the air while  the moving piece enlargened.

    height in air strictly follows the e8 chess system table figure C.

    Light,shadow, great music

    Online battle Supportive,100 players Maximum

    No restriction for castle rules.You can castle in various positions.


    2d/3d  scene quick change 


    Quick to register,and free to play ON VERSION 001.


    Development through chess 3d studies on other fields is to explore our universe and the nuclear,also for AI studies,machine thinking ,etc.


     Lottery prediction Project 

    Place 6 pieces at green positioned squares as here below,for Mega Million or Powerball,or any other 649 lotteries 

     Just  look at the Chess Board

    and pick out  6  squares,   with  numbers you like

    Place chess pieces at squares as you wish;at the time time you can refer to anything that might be useful..eg.past winning numbers

    I  will  give the best 20 tickets.


    Bishop        at    39,  48,  55

    Rook          at    30,  44  16

    Queen        at   6,  4,  56

    Bishop        at    52,  22,  7

    Knight        at  13,  32,   (57) 

    Rook           at   9,  31,   26

     All rights reserved winnersp 2012

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    Thank God for that copyright, eh?

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    goldendog wrote:

    Thank God for that copyright, eh?

    yes,I have applied for all numbers on chess board for copyright.The system is going to be tested by those who play on my future website.:)

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    Too bad I'm not a patent attorney. Laughing

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    Some good mushrooms dued

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #6


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    to much free time ??

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #8


    Just for chess advancement push.

    and know about the soul of chess,winnersp! lol,who first reveals how each position is like in different situations since the beginning of chess.

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    I need more assistance from GM games to absorb inspirations for the push of the strength of the system.So if GMs or strong engine users could support me in playing unrated games,I appreciate it very much.

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    I only test with 10 to 15 mins play.so just come and play with winnersp.

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    All tables and logic fixed,waiting for chance to get money to start the 3d engine produce.

    could apply to lottery perhaps

     Test Prediction of  Mega Millions Lottery, July 31, 2012 

    01 03 05 07 14 17 18 19 20  22 24 25 40 44 46 45 +additional 27 29 31

     bonus number 29 30 24 20/ 31 33  22


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    Mega Millions results  7/31;                                                      5-18-21-29-41  +  37

    05,18,29 get correct prediction.specially 18 is predicted twice correctly.

    bonus number wrong.

    not too bad.I have fixed the algorithm and lets try next time.

    two numbers almost get it,only  the range error is within 1 only.

    since 18 predicted twoice and 05 is very much put in fronter positions,I believe God himself does not play dice.

    I am fixing the bug and hopefully could give him a correct paper next time.

    If he does exist,I think he is arranging all numbers in universe in the same perfect way.

    All the prediction is calculated based on the e8 chess table.

    I consider to publish my lottery prediction for main lotteries in the world when the website is built as well.

    The final table is arranging 64 positions with different 3 figures.The fuzzy logic is improving at the moment.


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    I'm a bit lost on this. Not enough Hermit Crab.

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    hm...I will concernate on it now.

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    Maybe you should concentrate on winning the lottery so you can fund your grand project.

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    Prediction on Mega Millions Lottery, August 3, 2012

    08 19 25 27 18 40 22 31 27 44

    bonus number 36 34 38 43 33 31 40 44

    One more try 

    The table is running well.I am trapped by the investment at the moment.

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    no....lottery is too difficult.

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    After a few games test with masters,the fuzzy logic has improved to my limit.I am posting the whole table in one or two days,with fuzzy logic instruction simple version.

    Thanks to those who played and tested the system for the improvement.specially thanks to DrSpudnik.

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    E8 chess table white side

    (copyright winnersp 2012,all rights reserved)


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    E8 chess table black side

    (copyright winnersp 2012,all rights reserved)

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