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Sad case of high school chess cheating

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    kleelof wrote

    Unless you're a worse cheater than chess player.

    lol well then atleast there'd still be hope for my legit chess skills ;p

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    Very interesting article.  As a society, we should be more aware of how much technology is necessary.  Using technology (eNotate) to log in moves of a chess game is rediculous.  Human beings are perfectly capable of using a pencil and paper.  If the tree huggers out there want to cry about it, then we can just go ahead and use recycled paper.

    If competitive chess is going to keep moving forward, tournament organizers are going to have to ban any form of technology in a designated tournament site.  Human beings have survived thousands of years w/o cell phones, and all the other gadgets humanity has gotten itself addicted to.

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    The plus side of MonRoi and eNotate is that (I'm not sure about this capability in eNotate) they can transmit games live. Also, I go to some of Muradian's tournaments. He and some others have a rule that devices must be put on the table, and the opponent can ask to see it. I have witnessed a lot of sandbagging, but no cheating in OTB.

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    bangalore2 wrote:

     I have witnessed a lot of sandbagging, but no cheating in OTB.

    Sandbagging is a form of cheating.

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    Good catch. I meant computer assisted cheating.

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    is it hard to cheat in chess tournaments?

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    Stop bumping dead threads unless you have something significant to add...

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    "By pushing all the right buttons on a good chess engine, any Kardashian sister could conceivably checkmate Fischer." 

    Is this guy kidding? Fischer would tear Houdini, Stockfish and Rybka to pieces in a blindfold simul. :-)

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