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    hectoralmonte wrote:

    Hi, iam starting at this, but how do i create a opening repertoire?

    You can do one of the following:

    1. You can search for PGN files for the openings you want.

    2. You can creat a dB and add games with the openings you want.

    However, I'm not sure SvsPC is the best tool for opening study. There is a piece of software I used before called Chess Position trainer. It tracks your imnprovement in openings and uses a structured progress through different lines.

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    CPT is a good program. Ive also heard Lucas Chess is decent.

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    Opening Reportoire management goes perfectly with Scid vs. PC when you learn how to use the tree and the mask. See help files: http://scidvspc.sourceforge.net/doc/TreeMasks.htm

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    Thanks a lot for the recomendations. 

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