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    hi friends . i have new screen 22 inch the problem is evrything streched what is best resolution to see the chess board. when i usedd 4:3 it is streched . when i remove this mode i see it goo ratio width height but art of screen in the sides is black

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    You should use a wide screen setting, e.g 1650x1080, 1440x900, 1360x768 and so on.


    1650x1080 is a nice resolution for 22", that's how I run my system.

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    Once my screen went on side way portrait very annoying it was.

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    i think my pc is old the old screen card remove now it is on board i have only resulutions of

    800*600  1.3
    1024*768  1.3
    1152*864 1.3
    1280*1024 1.25


    your ratio 1.6

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