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SHOGI (Try it)

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    I think shogi got a few things right that western chess has wrong. in shogi you lose if you do a perpetual check, in western chess this allows you to draw which is really lame and makes certain positions just highly annoying and not fun. in shogi there are more variety of pieces with different movements, each piece promotes into a unique piece (dragon horses, dragon kings etc much cooler) and there's drops like in bughouse. 

    the only thing shogi has wrong is the "pieces" themselves. they should be figurines like in western chess, writing the name on a little piece of wood is lame. they should have figurines for the gold general, silver general, dragon horse and dragon king. could use the same figurines for pawns, lances, rooks and kings that you have in western chess. (and there's no absurdly romantic/awkward all powerful queen piece which I do think holds western chess back ---its fun and all but it has certain limitations. perhaps it might be ok to have a piece like this if they got rid of draw through perpetual check and adopted the shogi rule for this)


    someone already had this idea and I think they are on the right track


    shogi and western chess need to be combined in some way. most imporatntly western chess needs to incorporate or adopt the shogi rules for perpetual check, promotions, repetitions, impasse and drops. 

    I think japan got chess right (which makes sense---homeland of martial arts, chess is most like a martial art), the only thing they got wrong was the pieces. they need to be figurines like in western chess, not the names written on little pieces of wood.

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    I've really taken to shogi in the last couple of years.  It's seeing a bit of a renaissance here in Canada, with clubs re-established in Vancouver and Toronto last year.

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