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Should FREE members get more BENEFITS ??

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    I like to also add 

    The bums on the street want free anything and more of it.

    To ask chess.com this ....... well i am not a bum!

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    bettensmajic wrote:

    thats ok anytime friend !

    friend my ass.

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    I think the site is ok as it is. You would lose at lot of people if they had to pay, that in turn means you would lose all your advertising.

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    What should be free is water!

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    I think free members should get access to public domain things like the opening database.   I mean I can open a tab to http://www.365chess.com/opening.php instead.  Why make free information a pay to access feature when so many other nice features are paid for? 

    The other things they charge for here are reasonable to me, and I appreciate what I get for paying nothing. 

    It would also be a friendly gesture if they fixed their analysis computer as one of the things you pay for is access to that ... and its badly broken. 

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    ok thanx 4 posting that it will be helpful for when i show Chess.com !

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    funny SupremeOverlord 

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    kco wrote:

    I bet he want a free coaching. 

    Nope. Haven't u seen the OP's other ppl free thread, where he's offering other people free coaching? What a nice guy!

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    thats ok !

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    kco wrote:

    friend my ass.

    Careful, you may get some takers.

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