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Suppose we had a time machine

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    To be honest I don't remember how it ends. Girls leave before I get to that part.


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    This game has been around for a very long time and who's to say that hundreds of years ago there wasn't a player who can be classed in 2800+ according to today's ratings?  - no one can.

    Chess, or level of a chess player is determined on the brain power of an individual.  I firmly believe that some people are just naturally gifted to be good at this game.  How else would you explain some of the excellent children player surfacing around the world.  They could have not learned and absorbed so much at that age.  Just look at Carlsen he tied Kasparov at age 13 (might be off on that so anyone feel free to correct me).

    So to answer:

    #1. wouldn't make a difference

    #2. he already played him in his prime, probably would beat him.

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    so you're saying you'd prefer a magic ring?

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    Morphy would refuse to do any of that. 

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