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Trade bishop for knight in this scenario?

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    Hehe. Then it makes no sense at all, but I like it. 

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    My actual point, which I managed to obscure, was that when a clueless newbie braks a rule that he didn't know about, a clear but friendly correction seems more appropriate that calling him a cheater. It seems more in keeping with the fact that we're all fellow chess players here

    PS: Once more, my apologies to the fishwives of the world

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    Yep, fair enough. 

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    matethxbye wrote:

    I am black and it is my move. I am wondering about Bf3 to trade my bishop with white's knight, which would force him to break his castled king side pawn structure.

    This might be obvious to many but I am a new chess player so bear with me, thanks.


    Yes taking is a very good move.

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