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    latvianlover, if you read what Firebrand says it is much more than one computer beating another but having said that I can see a lot of players not wanting to play in FIDE because of the use of computers.

    The question is--if you use another venue such as USCF correspondence how do you get around that you know some players will use computers?

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    I only play here so far. Haven't been active USCF for about 10 years. Ever since I discovered poker, and realized that I could make money at that, which I am not good enough at chess to do. As for playing against a computer, I don't mind that. I am only in this for fun. I have long since realized that I am not a grandmaster. And while I see your point that the process Firebrand describes is much more than just one computer beating another, it would not be so for me. I do not have the skill to override the computer's reccommendations with a winning move that no computer could see. So for me, it would not be a satisfying experience.

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