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USCF/correspondence play is now online!

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    Incidentally, if I might have permission to post in the thread again without getting my head snapped off, I have played a couple of correspondence games on the USCF site.  I was not terribly impressed with the UI.  There also didn't seem to be any ratings or stats or anything like that in place.  I would like to see an overhaul in the UI before anything serious starts to happen with it, personally.

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    Firebrand, while you are essentially right it is quite a long process and the way I did it was unique enough that my Fritz does not get the zap move when it is played unless forced to think about it.'

    1. Ne4  Kd4  2. b3  Be5  3. g5  Bc7  4. Nd6 [!] Kc3 48. Nb7  Kb4  49. Ke4  Bg7 and now the move I have to make my Fritz do as it would not do it on its own. 50. Nxa5    Even though it is possible to win without this very last move--I was proud  to find it before the start of the series with 1. Ne4.

    Many unlookers to the game could not figure out 50. Nxa5 although the team I was playing "got it" and gave me a series of "if" moves to show how 50. Nxa5 works to the public looking on ending in a winning position for me and then they resigned.

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    Must agree with MJ4H. Don't believe that "My computer beat your computer." is much of an accomplishment.

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    latvianlover, if you read what Firebrand says it is much more than one computer beating another but having said that I can see a lot of players not wanting to play in FIDE because of the use of computers.

    The question is--if you use another venue such as USCF correspondence how do you get around that you know some players will use computers?

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    I only play here so far. Haven't been active USCF for about 10 years. Ever since I discovered poker, and realized that I could make money at that, which I am not good enough at chess to do. As for playing against a computer, I don't mind that. I am only in this for fun. I have long since realized that I am not a grandmaster. And while I see your point that the process Firebrand describes is much more than just one computer beating another, it would not be so for me. I do not have the skill to override the computer's reccommendations with a winning move that no computer could see. So for me, it would not be a satisfying experience.

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