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What if a girl became World Chess Champion?

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #1141


    I bet if Susan didn't retire that she would have been a world champion...

  • 6 weeks ago · Quote · #1142


    Her calling was raising a family. She could have become champion, but would she be happy?

  • 6 weeks ago · Quote · #1143


    She'd have more $$$, presumably.

    Family's overrated. I hadn't really had a family since I was like 5, not even then. I'm living on my own since 17.

    TBH, I don't really think family is overrated. It's one of the most valuable things you can have if you don't have drug dependent, violent, alcoholic and suicidal parents.

  • 6 weeks ago · Quote · #1144


    We all "could have" been world champion, couldn't we? We just didn't :p

  • 6 weeks ago · Quote · #1145


    I know. It's conspiracy.

  • 3 weeks ago · Quote · #1146


    That'd be a sight.

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