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What should I do if someone is a bad sport?

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    Good post by queentakesknight.

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    You're right. No "resignation ettiquette" everyone agrees on exists because ettiquette (especially "chess ettiquette") is largely subjective. At the same time, I'm not naiive to the fact that many players would be angry at me if I decided to play on in a hopeless correspondance game.

    However I agree with you, I don't think refusing to resign in a hopeless position with a 5 days per time control is a reason to abuse someone. What I usually do against someone like that is program a forced mate with the conditional move function, and then I type out the sequence in the chat for my opponent to read. Whatever my opponent chooses to do next is his (or her) problem from that point forward.  

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    Another one from the archives of my previous chess life.

    How would you handle this situation? My old Chess club in a town of 25,000 in Australia was always struggling to get more players. A new guy turns up & the club Secretary greets him & has a chat. He then introduces him to me & asks if I'm free to give him a game. So we choose pawns & he gets white. We sit down at the board & he plays both the a & h pawns simultaneously 1 square. 1/- a3 h3

    So I'm staring at the board wondering if someone had spiked my coffee & trying to work out how to write it on the scoresheet. I don't think thats a legal move I offered. He said Oh yes it is, its played everywhere in Europe. Hmmm, new player, illegal move!! So I ask the Secretary if he has ever seen the move. He grabs the rule book & says its not in the FIDE rules. The new guy insists it is played world wide especially in his home village in Yugoslavia. He was becoming somewhat heated about it & I could see he genuinely believed it to be a legal move & it was going to end in a big argument if we refused to allow it. So keeping in mind that we were a small club desperately in need of more members how do we handle the situation? I'll post what we did after everyone has a chance to comment but it does have some relevancy to this thread as it could have rapidly degenerated into an abusive shouting match.

    Also has anyone ever seen that move or know its origin? The explanation behind it was that it could only be played by White & only on the 1st move, 2 pawns moving 1 square = 1 pawn moving 2 squares!

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