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What's your favorite science fiction book series?

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    Foundation Trilogy without a doubt.....it was many years after reading them before I realized the connection between Asimov's galactic meltdown and the way it mirrored Earth's own fall of the Roman Empire in 400 AD and the thousand year period of the dark ages where religion, then commerce, then science slowly took over in bringing the world back together, just as The Foundation did in his novels.

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    I'm reading White Plague by Frank Herbert. 

    It gave me insomnia. High impact so far.

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    Did you like it?  I remember talking to you about it a while ago.

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    Yes, I like it. I've hardly been able to put it down. The story stays stuck in my mind, hence the insomnia. 

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    <---picked up Asimov's Foundation Trilogy in hardcover from my local library for 50 cents. SCORE!! :D also a good older one- Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad

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    My favourites are the books on Darkover. Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote

    10 volumes or something like that. They are great reading.

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