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Which is more Fun ? Playing Chess or Studying Chess

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    Well JG27Pyth that certainly is clear enough. However you didn't say anything about why you prefer studying over playing, might be interesting  for other visitors to this thread.

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    Only thing that comes close to playing (for me) is solving puzzles, and thats because the thrill of immediate discovery is there with out the pressures of playing - or in spite of its not being there?

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    Thanks for the post Splitleaf. Yes there are a fair number of people who love to to Chess puzzles, indeed each issue of Chess Life carries several puzzles for those who like to solve them.

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    Right now studying is more fun because I can feel myself growing as a chess player. Playing is also fun because I can see the chess growth in action (or how much more I need to improve still!).

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    Thanks for the post KingsEye. The items from the question seem to be at 1A and 1b for you, sounds good.

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    As I mentioned on the previous page I've got the Chessmaster CD downloaded into my PC, at last. I've played a number of Games against my PC recently and it gives comments at the end of the Game which is helpful. Mind you I still have to read thru the 52 page booklet that comes with Chessmaster so that I can learn to use all of the features that come with it.  

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    I think it depends a lot on your mood at the time, or at least on MY mood at the time.

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    Thanks for the post Nimzoroy. That is a very good point as one may not always feel like playing a serious Game of Chess. In my case I often like to work a bit with Crossword Puzzles while I'm having Breakfast ( & not yet wide awake and ready for Chess ). Smile

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    Recently I obtained a copy of the December issue of " Chess Life " which contained a review of an newly released book. Judit Polgar has written a book entitled " How I Beat Fischer's Record " ( she became a GM at age 15 years & 4 months, about I month ahead of Fischer's age ). This is the first volume of a series to be called " Judit Polgar Teaches Chess " and sounds quite interesting.

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    I love them both, but I have to give the edge to playing. I just care about the positions a lot more when they are my positions. The intensity and uncertain nature of playing are what add a dramatic touch to what you do when you study chess. I think it's interesting to test what you know as compared to what you can actually execute when the time calls for it.

    Ironically, I study more than I play.

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    Thanks for the post Elubas. I'm testing my Chessmater course to see if it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks ( Hmmm, I should put that line on my " Oldtimers " thread ).

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    Earlier today I spotted a new thread entitled " How to ( really ) get better at Chess, what they aren't telling you ". This seemed to be an interesting title so I read the posts in that thread and I found some good info on studying Chess etc ( quite a good thread, really ). Smile  

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    Believe it or not...."studying" is more effective. Especially for the beginning part of the game. All the other requirements just come naturally after playing alot of games.

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    Thanks for the post Orchard_littlejoe. I still like to play the most, mind you I should study more ( no doubts there ).

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    As anyone can see by checking my rating I mainly like to play ( & as a few People have pointed out to me  lol ). However some folks love to study Chess including also the puzzles. But in my case all I can say is: let the Games begin ! ( & the fun also ).

    Just a tiny little bump. Innocent 

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